CSA: Please tell us if you are interested.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

We want your opinion.  We want to know if there is an interest among our customers in Community Supported Agriculture, also known as CSA.  Basically a CSA is a share of the farms production purchased in advance.  Each week you receive a mix of fresh produce.  Different produce ripen at different times so the assortment of produce will vary based on what is available each week.

We are considering two sizes; a family size which will be approximately a half bushel for $30/week, and a personal size approximately one peck for $15/week.  You choose which size you want to purchase.  You pay in late winter or early spring for the entire year’s produce.  The money is used to raise your vegetables.  As soon as they ripen, usually mid to late July, you start receiving your weekly produce, and will continue to receive your basket until approximately the end of September. Depending on the weather you will receive produce for approximately 10 weeks.

There is some risk involved.  For example, it could be a great year for corn and a bad year for peppers.  So your basket may be heavier on one vegetable over another.  However we will make it as assorted as possible. At the beginning of the season if there isn’t enough variety for a full basket, we will make up for it as more variety becomes available. If you have preferences, we will do our best to address them.  So if you don’t want any eggplant, we will replace it with something else available at that time. Also because you will be taking the risk with us by paying up front, we will make the baskets priority over what is offered at the stand. So if there is a small supply of a certain item, it will go in the baskets as opposed to being sold at the stand.

The biggest advantage to you is farm fresh vegetables all season from a grower you know and trust to provide healthy, fresh, and flavorful produce.

Please visit our Contact Us page and let us know if you have an interest in a program like this.  If enough of our customers are interested in a CSA program, we will definitely put one together for you. We appreciate your timely response on this. Our goal is to make a decision by the end of the year, so that we can get more information to those interested in January, as payments will probably be due by April.


Eric and Caren

Eric and Caren

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