Closed for the season

We are now closed for the 2022 season. Thank you all for your patronage and support, we truly appreciate each of you! We look forward to seeing you all next June for strawberries!!! ~ Eric, Caren and the little farmers.

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You pick is open every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10am-7pm. In the you pick we have green tomatoes, eggplant, okra, cucumbers, green beans, sweet peppers and hot peppers.

At the stand we have cucumbers, zucchini, summer squash, okra, tomatoes, beans, peppers and eggplant. We will have a limited amount of sweet corn for the weekend.

This year we had lots of flooding and lost our late cabbage crop, and our first planting of watermelon. We are hopeful that the other watermelon plantings will do well, but they aren’t ready yet. Tomatoes are just starting to ripen and we will be working on filling bulk orders as quickly as possible.

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The strawberries are now done for the season! Keep checking back for updates on when vegetables will be available!

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Strawberries are almost done for the season. We’re picking off the ripe berries as we find them and selling them at the stand by the quart. Veggie planting is behind schedule because of all of the rain we have had. Keep checking back for vegetable updates.

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🍓🍓Strawberry update! 🍓🍓

The late berry variety is slowly ripening, they don’t seem to like these temperatures any more than we do! We will be picking off the ripe berries, and will have them for sale at the stand tomorrow (Saturday) at 10am. Unfortunately there are not enough ripe berries for you pick this weekend. Thanks for your patience, as we’re still figuring out the strawberries! We’re hoping to add a different variety for next year that will be ready between the early and late varieties, so we don’t have this lull in production. #localgrown #Pataskalafarm #shoplocal

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Strawberry picking

Strawberry You Pick is Wednesday 12 (noon) – 7pm and Saturdays 10am-5pm, while supplies last. Pre picked berries are available at the stand on non you pick days on the honor system.

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Strawberry picking!!!

We’re so excited for our first strawberry you pick day tomorrow! We just wanted to share some info before you come out to pick.

🍓 We’ve gotten over an inch of rain in the past 24 hrs, so our field that was already a little muddy, is now really muddy! Be sure you wear shoes that can get muddy.

🍓 We have 1 gallon buckets you can purchase, at our cost, to pick into, or you can bring your own containers that we will weigh before you go out. Bags will not be permitted to pick into as the berries will squish.

🍓 We plan to be open from 10am-5pm, if we run out of berries we will post on Facebook.

🍓 If you don’t want to go out and pick, we will have berries at the stand for sale by the quart. If you want flats of berries, shoot us a message on here, or you can call or text the farm number (740-408-7750) so we can plan accordingly!

We can’t wait to see you all tomorrow!

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Closed for the season.

We are now closed for the 2021 season! Thank you all for supporting our family farm. We hope to see you all in June for strawberries!

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You pick fields are open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10am-7pm. The stand is open Monday – Saturday 10-7, sometimes on a honor system. For weekly availability check our our facebook page

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You pick update!

You pick fields will be opening this Saturday, August 7th at 10am for green beans, and a limited amount of skinny eggplant, and chili peppers. The you pick tomatoes are not ready yet and not available to pick this week. #localgrown #Pataskalafarm #localgrown #knowwhereyourfoodcomesfrom #youpick

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