We are officially closed for the season. Thank you all for your patronage this year! We look forward to seeing you all again next year! #buylocal #shoplocal #localfarm #knowwhereyourfoodcomesfrom

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With as busy as we have been this season, the you-pick has been pretty much picked clean, so we have made the decision to close it for the season. We still have some tomatoes, peppers, butternut squash and pumpkins at the stand for sale. Thank you all for supporting our farm this season, and for spreading the word! Next year, we plan on growing more produce to accommodate all of our new customers!

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2018 harvest is getting close!

We were finally able to finish planting this week! Our first corn planting has tassels and is setting on ears 😊 We should be able to open the stand in a couple of weeks with corn, zucchini, squash and cucumbers. Tomatoes, beans and peppers should start to be available in early August. Even though they aren’t ready yet, we are now taking orders for bulk green beans, corn and tomatoes, that way we can start filling orders as soon as they get ready. Watch for an update with our official opening day!🌽🍅🍆🍉🌶️ #locallygrown #shoplocal #knowwhereyourfoodcomesfrom

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Thank you all for your patronage this year, and helping us have a wonderful season! The farm is closed, but we are already planning for next year! See ya then!

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Road closures!

Just a friendly reminder that if you are coming the farm this weekend from Columbus, 310 (the Pataskala exit) is closed at the freeway due to construction.  You have to take the 158 exit. 310 is also closed in downtown Pataskala for the our annual street fair. If you have any questions on alternate routes you can message us!

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We’ve been done planting for a couple weeks, and now we’re patiently waiting (ok not very patiently) for things to get ready. We’ve been working on weed control this past week, so Eric has spent lots of time with his new best friend, the weed eater! Everything is looking good. There are lots of blooms, being pollinated by our very busy honeybees! We’re hoping to open the stand with a few things in a couple of weeks. Keep checking back for updates!


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Sign Up for the 2016 CSA

We hope you are all enjoying this unseasonably warm Christmas season! This year we introduced a CSA (Community supported agriculture) program at our farm. We got lots of positive feedback on the program this year! Its time to sign up for the 2016 season. All of the information is on this website, under the CSA tab. If you would like to sign up please follow the instructions. Thank you in advance for your interest in our 2016 CSA!!

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Summer Update!

Sorry! I updated Facebook first.  Here is where we are at:

We’ve found a few of the slicing type of cucumbers, but a lot of pickling cucumbers.

Well we got a surprise last week, green beans! We have some Roma beans and some

Health Benefits of Green Beans

Health Benefits of Green Beans

zucchini ready. They’re at the stand today on the honor system. Beans $1.35/lb and zucchini $.90/lb. With this heat the beans will wilt pretty fast, so come and get them while they’re fresh!

Farm Stand Update – We now have all three kinds of beans available at the stand (Blue lake, Roma, and Half Runners) We also have zucchini, yellow squash, and pickling cucumbers. We’ve been running on the honor system since business is always slow to to start, but if you have a question you can call the farm number 740-927-7750.

Want to can or freeze beans?? We have a bunch coming on this week! Blue lake, Roma, and half runners, $35/ bushel. This is the best planting that we have, because of all the rain the later plantings didn’t fair as well. Call or message us with orders 😊

We will be opening the you pick fields this weekend Friday, July 31, 10-7, and Saturday, Aug 1 10-7. We have green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, yellow squash, peppers (sweet banana, hot wax, bells, jalapeno, and some chili types), and some eggplant that will be ready. There are also a lot of green tomatoes, and a few that are starting to turn red, but no red ones at this time. The stand will also be open, and we’re starting to find some sweet corn, so we should have that at the stand this weekend as well, along with beans, cucumbers (pickling and slicing), zucchini and yellow squash. Hope to see you this weekend!

Some of us are really enjoying summer! 🙂

young pups

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Rain, rain, go away….

We hope you all are fairing well during this monsoon season that we seem to be in right now! Luckily we were able to get most things planted before the rain set in, and we have now been able to Eric n corn fieldplant everything that was left with the exception of the late cabbage and broccoli planting. Our first planting of corn is tasseling, and should be ready by the end of the month, along with the first planting of beans, which is blooming!

After much discussion, we have decided that since the you pick isn’t as popular as it used to be, we will only be opening the you pick fields this year on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays during our normal business hours. We will still have the stand open our regular hours, Monday – Saturday 10-7. This decision was helped along by a major life change for Eric and Caren, as they are expecting the birth of their first child in early August! That being said, when the you pick fields are not open, the stand might be run at times on an honor system (which we tested out last fallhttps://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CAUQjhxqFQoTCI27_JSO3MYCFQuggAodsSsGiQ&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwaverunnersfastpitch.net%2Fbaby-boy-pictures-cartoon&ei=PMilVY2tJovAggSx15jICA&bvm=bv.97653015,d.eXY&psig=AFQjCNEAw6hhUSUt1ahut_sgKP1c_ewi7Q&ust=1437014351149930 with great success) though someone will be at the farm at all times, we just might be in the house playing with the baby.

young tomatoesyoung tomatoes 2field 2

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CSA Information & Application Packet

For all of you interested in our CSA Program, please follow the instructions below.  You can also click this link to print these instructions.

Click Here for the Application.  Click Here for the Veggie List.

Birney’s Miracle Farm CSA Cover Letter & Instructions


We are contacting you because you expressed interest in the CSA that we are going to be starting this year. We realize that we are getting this information out a little later than we had planned, but we hope that you are still interested.  Because of the delay we are going to have different deadlines for payments this year, than we will have in the future.

The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) will be a 10 week program, starting as soon as we have a harvest, which will vary slightly every year based on the weather.  With your membership you will be helping to support our farm, by giving us money upfront that will help with the inputs for the farm when we need them in the beginning of the season, and in return you will receive a basket of fresh, high quality vegetables every week for the 10 week period. If the season runs longer than 10 weeks, you will have the option to continue buying the baskets at the end of the season on a weekly basis. Another advantage to your membership is if there is a shortage of a certain crop, you will get it before we put it at the stand for sale. One other important factor to consider is that you will be sharing in the risk, as we will be. So if there is a crop loss of a particular crop, you will receive a different item that will make up for what was lost. The other shared risk is that if there are devastating weather events, we won’t be able to offer a refund.  The consensus among CSA participants is that the quality and convenience far outweighs the risk.

We have thought about what sizes and prices to offer on our baskets quite a bit, in order to keep our prices competitive with the low prices we offer at the stand. We have decided to offer a small (peck) basket, which is roughly 10lbs for $15/week, and a large (1/2 bushel) basket which is roughly 20lbs for $30/week. We feel the small basket would be enough to supply 1-2 people for the week, and a large basket would supply a family of 4 for the week. We realize that some items, such as sweet corn and melons, due to their weigh, would take up most of the box, but we will make sure that you are getting your money’s worth every week. The availability of certain items can’t be guaranteed from week to week, but if there is a shortage of one item, it will be made up for with something else. We would also like to offer you the option to opt out of certain vegetables. When doing research on CSA’s a lot of people liked getting new vegetables that they had never tried before, but at the same time, if it was something they didn’t like, they didn’t have the option to not receive it in their baskets. If there is a vegetable that you do not like, or have an allergy to, please let us know, and we will substitute it with something else. See attached list of what we will be growing this year. We will not be growing onions or potatoes this year, but if you wish to have them in your baskets, we can get them from another local farm so you don’t have to go elsewhere to get them.

If you would like to sign up for this year’s CSA, please fill out the form below.  The first half of your payment will need to be made by May 1, and the second half by July 1. If you would like to sign up, but for some reason you can’t make the payments by the due dates, please contact us and we will work out a different payment plan. Checks can be made payable to

Birney’s Miracle Farm Market

4257 Watkins Rd SW

Pataskala, Oh 43062


Please print the application and the item selection list and fill them both out and mail them along with your check to the above address.


We will send out an email to all the members updating you on the progress as the season approaches, and letting you know approximately when you should receive your first basket. At this time we are planning on having Tuesdays be our pick up days from 10am-12pm and 4pm-7pm. If for some reason you can’t pick up your baskets on that day, please let us know and we will make other arrangements. If you will be out of town one week, let us know and we will add a week onto the end of the season for you.


Thank you again for your interest in our CSA. We hope that you will sign up and partner with us in making 2015 our best season ever! If you have any questions please feel free to message us, or call 740-927-7750 and ask for Eric or Caren Conkey.


Eric and Caren Conkey

Birney’s Miracle Farm Market

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